Introducing: Beaux Biens-Our Home Base

Over a year in the works, Beaux Biens is my opportunity to raise awareness of the brand I have been part of for years and other brands I feel stand for the same thing I do, from a base where you can come in, touch, experience and appreciate these products and the people who make them. Quality goods.

Dan Heselton
Waxed Flesh Crepe Wraps.

We have a small size run coming up tonight of our waxed flash Crepe Wrap moccasins. With a texture like nothing else, this leather still has a beautiful pull up but has a thick layer of wax applied making it completely waterproof and providing a product that will age incredibly well. 

MoccasinDan Heselton
Crepe wraps making a comeback...

When we first started, For years I had fallen in love with the old made in Maine leather and crepe wraps moccasins I used to see popping up online in vintage stores and on eBay. Its such a different look, being both rugged and raw but at the same time very refined and symbolic of the great work that goes into a true handsewn moccasin. When starting this brand, I wanted that look to be a focus for us.

Dan Heselton
Waxing Suede, breathing new, longer life into your suede

We get a lot of questions about the proper care of our shoes, boots, and moccasins. One in particular is the care of, cleaning for, and prevention of water damage to suede. Suede is one of our favorite leathers, it offers an unbelievable amount of color options and pulls up around the last and hand sews very well. One main issue with it is that it can be stained and has some trouble when it comes to water. One thing you can do, is pretty simple, wax your boots!

Dan Heselton
Beaded Doobie Boot for Dr Collectors...

I had the pleasure of being introduced to Olivier and Teddy through our mutual friend Brendon. Their brand immediately stood out to me as a completely unique take on some classic denim styles, drawing inspiration from a variety of places, and creating a great look that can fit in to many peoples individual style.

Dan Heselton