Trooper Moccasin-Horween Waxed Flesh Tan-Honey Crepe Wrap

Trooper Moccasin-Horween Waxed Flesh Tan-Honey Crepe Wrap


One of our newest styles, the Trooper Moccasin is based off of a vintage hybrid of a classic moccasin and blucher. With the eyestay in the plug of the shoe its a very unique look and an excellent choice if you want to a classic moccasin with a sail stitch twist. No one on the street will have a style like this, its truely a rare find. The lasted shoe is then handsewn and wrapped 360 degrees in natural Havea Crepe, which one of the most comfortable outsole materials used in footwear. This is a soling option that we at New England Outerwear have become known for as one of our signature styles. This entire process is done step by step by the same individual. You cannot get any more "hand made" than this.

Unique Waxed Flesh hide from Horween (unlined)

Handsewn Crepe Sole

Made in USA rawhide lace

Made in Maine threads

Each pair comes in with a reusable small tote bag made in house by us. Note this is MADE TO ORDER and not in stock. We have about 4 hides of leather total for this. Then will probably never make this style again. 

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Please note that you should consider your order of this pair made to order. We do often have pairs in stock, but we are working on a system to allow for both on the same product. Until then, if you are looking to get your shoe right away, please email us to check and see if it is in fact in stock.