Lazy Moccasin-Sand Suede-Taupe Crepe Wrap

Lazy Moccasin-Sand Suede-Taupe Crepe Wrap


This slip on moccasin is a great addition to your lazy summer. The warm weather days in the garden are perfect for this moc. It comes on a Crepe handsewn sole, which is as traditional a soling technique as moccasins are themselves. The "Lazy Moc" take a inspiration from various slip on clogs and boots worn throughout history, this is the handsewn, true moccasin version of that iconic type of shoe. You will not find a style like this anywhere. One of the coolest we make. Features: US tanned Sand Suede fully lined with Goat Skin tanned in upstate NY. Taupe Crepe handsewn sole, wrapping the foot completely in leather and rubber. Sturdy Buckle and handsewn buckle strap. This shoe is almost entirely handsewn, with very little machine stitching. True Moccasin construction with handsewn kicker and vamp. No heel seating, tucks, or board lasting. Every pair is handsewn by the same person, getting you your own completely unique pair.

Each pair comes in with a reusable small tote bag made in house by us.

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If product is sold out in your size, we may not be planning to restock for some time due to the planning. But we can always make that pair made to order, and get it out to you in roughly 3 weeks! Please email us with any questions about what is in stock or feel free to purchase a pair on our Made To order section.