Dress Boot- Tan Chromexcel (unlined)- Leather Sole w/Catspaw Heel

Dress Boot- Tan Chromexcel (unlined)- Leather Sole w/Catspaw Heel


Similar to our Quarter Boot, but with a backstay instead of handsewn T-back, our dress boot is as rugged as the it's predecessor but the lines are a bit more refined and clean which makes this boot the perfect choice when heading out on the town, whether that town is in the back woods of Maine or DTLA.

Tan Chromexcel Upper

Full Blake/McKay construction w/vegtan outsole

Catpaw Heel, legendary for its grip and rugged wear

Custom Steel Shank & Tuck for comfort and durability

Made in OH Waxed Cotton laces

Made In Maine Threads 

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If product is sold out in your size, we may not be planning to restock for some time due to the planning. But we can always make that pair made to order, and get it out to you in roughly 3 weeks! Please email us with any questions about what is in stock or feel free to purchase a pair on our Made To order section.