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There are countless footwear brands in the world today. But there are only a handful of brands that physically make their own product, stitch by stitch, tack by tack. 

We run a 'one of a kind' factory that produces no one else's footwear but our own. By using the very best materials from around the globe, to offering complete recrafting/soling services for every pair we sell during its life. We want to make the very best product for you, to accompany you, day in and day out, to exceed your expectations, and to be there for you wherever you choose to take us.

Born in the woods and shores of the North East United States, in what was once the global leader of shoe and boot production, not much has changed as far as we are concerned. Our shoes have been made since 1980, 1970, or 1964 depending on which one of our craftsmen or women you talk too. Our team at the factory works extremely hard to preserve the rich shoe making history in the Lewiston-Auburn area. After meeting Bill in 2011 we opened doors in 2012. Our initial patterns were taken from a very old vamp pattern one of our handsewers at the time had. Looking at our inital stlyes and comparing them to today the changes, upgrades, and corrections are remarkable. Today every pattern is still made in house. Often corrected 4-5 times after making full size runs to test fit. We use several lasts with the standard being: the "100 Last", the "Maine Last". Both are direct decendents from a very old Maine Handsewn factory that moved overseas, and have been engineered to worked perfectly with our patterns. The materials we use all speak for themselves, from Horween to Vibram, Maine Thread to Auburn Leather, we use only the best footwear compondents available, 90% of those origonate in North America. 

We don't compromise on anything, we are committed to making a pair for you that fits great, wears well, and will be with you for years (with, maybe, a few resoles in between)

We enjoy being outside, and giving back to those who help us to exsist. Check back here for efforts in community engagment and trying to help make a better life for those who live where we work. The boots and shoes we make are meant to be on your feet, to accompany you to whatever space your travels may take you, so lets help to keep that space beautiful. 




Whatever you imagine, we can do









A little bit more about us, our process and supply chain, and effects on our earth


True Moccasin Construction is what we obsess over. It is one of the most beautiful forms of footwear manufacturing. Few things are more mesmerizing than a handsewer stitching a crepe wrap. We live and breathe our handsewns, from initial idea to final shine before going out the door, this is what we do. Thats what makes us who we are, we are in it every day, stitching and cutting, its our lives work. Let us show you what we do. 

Our craftsmen and women are the most important asset we have. We are so lucky to have some of the most amazing and skilled artisans working at our factory, and we value each one greatly. They've dedicated their life to crafting the best footwear on earth and we are here to make sure everyone knows about it!

As with every business, our customers are #1. But we have found out so much more about the people who buy our products. They obsess over them, the stitching and finishing details. The thread and midsole materials, the laces and boxes. Our customers have come to know as much about our products as we have, and each has a story to tell and a pair of boots to show. It's pretty amazing to be able to share this with so many people, and see them engage and learn as much as you do, thanks for being part of our team!

To create the best footwear to be found anywhere, and carry on these age old traditions of craftsmenship and skill.
To keep waste to a minimum, reuse whatever we are able to, and keep shoes away from landfills
To provide a place for our employees to thrive, learn new skills, and support their familes by using their skills and talents to create.
To better the brand by engaging people, and welcoming new ideas and and points of view, helping us grow and remain relevant.


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United Kingdom
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North America 

Hand Sewn Moccasins, Shoes, and Boots

Made in Maine, of the best materials on earth, we are dedicated to the last bastion of true handsewn shoes still made in the US.